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About Brycon Construction Services

Solving challenges comes naturally to us — and we’ve focused on it since our founding in 1990.

We have a reputation for rolling up our sleeves and tackling complex projects other companies avoid or simply can’t do.

Brycon began in advanced technology Cleanroom construction and has now grown to be one of the most prominent Cleanroom contractors in the Southwest. To date, we have installed over two million feet of cleanroom manufacturing space. And although our services have expanded exponentially since, our origin gives us a certain edge. Having started within this specialized arena means we are especially detail-oriented, highly-skilled, and resourceful.

Our work doesn’t stop at the construction site. At Brycon, our goal is to be the best partner possible to our clients. We take customer service so seriously that 85 percent of our business is from repeat clients because they know our commitment to service and trust us to do the job right, whether large or small.

We’re determined to earn your trust, too — and keep it. Let our world of experience be your great experience.

Our long-standing core values:

Employee Focused



Customer Service

Community Involvement


History of Brycon Construction

History of Brycon

Brycon Construction - Bryant Lemon
Bryant Lemon – Founder

Brycon has a rich history in construction services, which started in 1990 when Bryant W. Lemon Sr. founded the company to fill a need for specialized Cleanroom construction. Over the years, Mr. Lemon built a team around him to support our clients’ growing construction needs. This growth included providing specialized Electrical, Mechanical, Piping and Material Handling System installation services that expanded beyond the Cleanroom environment. Brycon also expanded into full service general construction and contracting services. We have since expanded into Arizona and Nevada, and now work in a number of specialized construction services.

Our Team

Our dedication to quality service means your project is done right.