City of Phoenix City Council Chambers Remodeling

LocationPhoenix, AZ

OwnerCity of Phoenix

BRYCON was awarded a contract to remodel the high-profile City Council Chambers built in 1963. The project required expedited construction with fast-track options. The scope of work included a fast-track two-month remodeling of the basement, followed by an aggressive three-month schedule for an addition to the basement, the foyer, interior renovation of the ground floor and the addition of an elevator. To expedite the schedule, BRYCON identified long-lead time items, such as the elevator and fixed seating restoration, defined specifications for them and released them prior to having final drawings submitted for permit review. Excavation and shoring were also released prior to permitting to allow the mass excavation and soil nailing to be completed prior to receiving the final building permit. This expedited the concrete work and subsequent inspections. The project garnered praise from the Phoenix City Manager who noted BRYCON's collaborative approach, attention to minimizing disruptions to the staff and visitors and adherence to a tight budget and schedule. "Thank you for your terrific teamwork to bring our 1963 building up to the 21st century," concluded City Manager David Cavazos in a letter to BRYCON.

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