Arizona State University ECE 114 Gas Lines Project

LocationTempe, AZ

OwnerArizona State University

This project included extensive pre-construction services where BRYCON process piping experts assisted ASU and the Architect/Engineer in establishing a design that met the client/researcher's needs for experimentation. This project was fast-tracked to allow the researcher to begin project experimentation to meet their deadlines. BRYCON self-performed 85% of the work including the installation of new high purity process piping lines (nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, methane, helium, water, and vacuum), two new Matheson gas cabinets, electrical, and plumbing work. Other services provided included pre-construction, rough order of magnitude pricing, cost estimating, scheduling, value engineering, full time field supervision, and construction services.

BRYCON is Structured Around Service. As a result of our dedication to service, we are proud of the following outcomes:

ASU staff now considers BRYCON's process piping work as the new building standard for that building's research laboratories.

There was seamless coordination between BRYCON process piping tradesman and subcontractors, which enabled our work to be finished before the scheduled deadline.

BRYCON worked inside a highly technical and sensitive operating research lab, which was never disturbed even during utility shut downs.

Through ASU's FACMAN electronic notification system, we were able to coordinate between ASU Facilities and BRYCON for utility shut downs in a timely and responsive manner.

In addition to the project coming in under budget, the BRYCON Electrical Team also performed extra electrical work beyond contract scope at no additional cost.

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Brycon Project Photo