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    At BRYCON, safety is an integral part of our daily operation and the results of this can be seen in our exceptionally low EMR, as follows:

    2018: 0.59
    2017: 0.59
    2016: 0.52
    2015: 0.52
    2014: 0.52
    2013: 0.70
    2012: 0.63
    2011: 0.60
    2010: 0.64
    2009: 0.60


    Yes. A good safety record reflects the quality of management, supervision and the worker. It also serves to promote business, thereby contributing to the continued growth and success of the company. All of BRYCON's employees are guided by and trained in an established accident prevention policy that reflects all mandatory requirements currently established as well as BRYCON established guidlenes. Safety is never sacrificed for any reason.


    Yes. We have detailed QA/QC programs that are followed to ensure BRYCON's projects meet the intent of the code, are inspected, tested and commissioned per design and meet safety requirements prior to turnover for operation. BRYCON's QA/QC program is tailored to the specific requirements and magnitude of each project. Both the scale and the project owner's requirements play a part in this determination.


    BRYCON uses a Critical Path Method (CPM) of scheduling as its primary project management control resource. This schedule incorporates not only all of the construction-related activities and logic necessary to build the project, it also integrates your critical milestones, the designer's detailed work schedule and any outside stakeholder's requirements that could effect the outcome of the job.


    BRYCON will prepare an initial estimate and all subsequent estimates using a detailed Construction Specifications Institute format with component pricing, based on specific quantity surveys and analysis. Where details are not provided, we conceptualize what elements will be required to provide a complete facility based on initial building concept discussions with the client and the architect and document these concepts to the Project Team. Cost control continues to ensure document development maintains the required budget through recommendations and corrective action. Each time a new estimate is developed, its format remains consistent with the initial estimate. For all estimates after the initial estimate, a comparison summary with the previous estimate is developed so the Project Team can see where changes have occurred and determine whether they follow predictions. After a thorough review with any required adjustments and approval by the entire team, this initial budget will become the control document to which updated estimates will be compared.

    As the drawings become more detailed, and especially during the design development phase, outside subcontractors experienced in the project type are solicited to prepare budgets and to comment on the design at that point. Subcontractor quantities and pricing are always checked against the BRYCON estimate to confirm these items. All subcontractor budgets are solicited in a fashion that assures the best and most competitive pricing is used continuously throughout the job.


    We strive to set clear and reasonable quality standards and enforce them throughout construction. The successful implementation of a quality control process depends upon management's commitment to process and its ability to communicate that commitment to project personnel at all levels.

    BRYCON's quality control program encompasses two primary operations: materials and workmanship. Progress Inspections during all trade work maintains vigilant oversight. Final Inspection/Punch List are completed once trade work is finished. We conduct rigorous final inspections and prepare punch list items for correction and final acceptance. BRYCON provides a Quality program to ensure that all our projects meet the intent of the code and are inspected, tested and commissioned per design. We work directly with the owner and/or architect to ensure that special requirements are met, documented, and certified.


    We take ownership and responsibility for compiling all data needed to efficiently expedite contract close out. We manage the warranty process, ensure timelines of warranty corrections and secure trade contractors response to their obligations.


    BRYCON has the ability to employ a number of contracting relationships, depending on the needs and preferences of the client. Some time-honored options include Time and Material and Lump Sum. Other contracting options include Design Build, in which the contractor builds in phases as architect designs successive phases. This contracting method can save an owner time and money getting a project operational.

    Another contracting option is called Construction Management at Risk (CMAR). This method has proven to be an extremely beneficial project delivery method. CMAR is similar in many ways to a design-bid-build approach. The CM acts as general contractor during construction, assuming the risk of subcontracting the work and guaranteeing completion of the project. By making the CMAR an integral member of the project team, responsibility for construction is centralized under a single contract. This approach produces a more manageable, predictable project that saves time and money for the owner.

    A distinct advantage of CMAR is that the client receives pre-construction services such as schedule, budget, and constructability reviews. We meet as often as necessary to ensure that we have a complete understanding of your goals and expectations. During pre-construction, our specialists review building systems, material selections, and site work to ensure that you are getting the best value.

Choosing a Contractor

Choosing a contractor is a crucial step in every construction project. Although many contractors may look the same at first glance, it takes some examining to find the right company for your project. Here are some guidelines to help you make your decision.


    A conscientious contractor should be committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace. The "proof" of this can be found in a number called the EMR, or Experience Modifier Rate, which indicates the effectiveness of an operation's safety and training programs. The independent National Council on Compensation Insurance issues the EMR number annually based on Workmans Compensation claims.


    A solid contractor should have a strong history of general and specific construction experience, including general contracting, construction management and design/build contracting, which allows for thoughtful perspective on your project as well as a wealth of experience from which to draw. BRYCON has extensive experience in virtually all construction fields. Please visit our Projects section to see a detailed list of our capabilities.


    An experienced contractor should have a team of capable project managers and superintendents who are well-versed in the complexities of construction design and preconstruction activities. They should be able to smoothly guide the project from initial plans to owner occupancy and operation. BRYCON's core team has decades of combined experience on high-tech facilities, public buildings, tenant improvements, schools, retail facilities, hospitals and many other private and public projects of all sizes. In additon, BRYCON has LEED accredited professionals on staff to work on complex "green" buildings and sustainable design.


    A capable contractor should be able to provide references that speak directly to the financial capability of performing several multi-million dollar projects concurrently, as well as having a long-standing relationship with its financial partners. BRYCON is happy to provide this information upon request.


    One measure of a reputable contractor is the company's ability to bond multiple projects concurrently. BRYCON's surety company, which is an A-Plus rated company by the national ranking service AM Best, has provided BRYCON with an aggregate bonding capacity of $300 million. A bonding capacity of this size is a testament to BRYCON's financial strength. This capacity should also reassure clients and potential clients that their project would not be affected by any unforeseen downturn in the financial condition of their contractor.


    A reputable contractor should be able to provide a long list of references from previous projects all sizes. BRYCON can provide industry-specific references on request.

    At BRYCON, we know we must earn your business every day. That's why everything we do is "structured around service" to make sure we have met your expectations. Call us today to learn more.


BRYCON is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace. This is one of our core values. An 'INJURY FREE' project is essential to success in today's business environment. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work place. The "proof" of this can be found in a number called the EMR, or the Experience Modifier Rate, which indicates the effectiveness of an operation's safety and training programs.


    Certainly, all construction providers emphasize safety; but, what distinguishes Brycon is our ability to infuse safety into every aspect of our workplace culture. The safety of our employees, subcontractors, clients, and general public is our number one priority each and every day we work on our construction sites. Our Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) is best in class for the construction industry as demonstrated by our 0.59 Experience Modification Rate.

LEED & Sustainability Commitment

Having built LEED Certified facilities, Brycon specializes in LEED building practices and implements sustainable construction principles, features, and equipment/appliances whenever possible. We believe in reducing environmental impact and energy costs in construction projects and encourage use of New Mexico building materials, sustainable technologies, and improved designs. Brycon utilizes sensible sustainability in our operations and construction activities, as a responsibility to our employees, customers, and community. Brycon has successfully implemented LEED Gold and Silver Certification by working closely with the owner and the architect to follow LEED practices and requirements, including: Submittals for waste, recycling, materials - all incorporated into our Management Plan Within 30-days of NTP, our LEED AP provides our Action Plan with waste management, proposed materials (recycled, regional and wood products) and indoor air quality LEED AP submits LEED Progress Reports with each Pay Application on waste reduction, recycling value, regional value, wood value and IAQ. Brycon has a successful track record with LEED certification of construction projects. Notably, Brycon successfully implemented LEED Gold Certifications during the challenging demolition and addition at Connor Hall on the campus of the New Mexico School for the Deaf. The $5.7 million LEED project review provided Brycon a spotless review and zero clarifications from GBCI according to the LEED Consultant, Lindsay Duncan. OPERATIONAL LEED and sustainable principles improve building performance and quality of life. Buildings typically account for 40 percent of energy consumption, and their potential for energy efficiency is tremendous. Using adapted insulation and energy savings techniques can save up to 80 percent of a building's energy consumption for heating or cooling. Additionally, sustainably designed buildings cost less to operate and have excellent energy performance. This makes cooler, lighter buildings with lower maintenance. A sensibly designed building, focused on energy efficiency, minimizes the long-term use of water, materials, and energy, over the life of the building. Brycon's main goal is to: Efficiently use energy, water, and other resources. Protect occupant health and improve employee productivity. Reduce waste, pollution and environmental degradation. Brycon offers the owner responsible, cost-effective solutions to the increasing challenges of energy and resource conservation. The use of recycled materials, reducing waste in construction, and achieving an energy-efficient building are critical areas where we have brought increased value and quality to our projects. Brycon utilizes sustainability and energy-efficiency practices within our organization. We implement the following activities: Applying environmental criteria when making purchasing decisions. Using recyclable, reusable, and bio-degradable packaging/shipping materials. Recycling cans, plastic bottles and paper. Encouraging carpooling and public transportation. Utilizing teleconference or video conferencing. Utilizing electronic transfer and storage of documents: E-mail, FTP sites and servers for paperless project document control. Identifying products that can be purchased within a 100-mile radius of the delivery location. While standard building practices are guided by short-term economic considerations, sustainable construction is based on best practices emphasizing long-term affordability, quality, and efficiency. During the life-cycle of the building, sustainable construction increases comfort and the economic sustainability of the project, while decreasing negative environmental impacts. The following are examples of green construction techniques that Brycon employs: Utilize energy efficient construction techniques - L-bucks instead of U-bucks in conventional wall framing, eliminating voids in insulation for maximum energy efficiency. Utilize conventional headers by using full foam board instead of spacer strips, eliminating voids in the building envelop insulation. Utilize foam board vertically and horizontally at perimeter foundations as an effective thermal break. To reduce waste sent to landfills, Brycon implements a debris sorting plan allowing the recycling of construction debris. Use of low VOC materials in accordance with plans and specifications. Offer reduced price, energy-efficiency items, such as tankless water heaters, electrical fixtures, compact fluorescent bulbs, glass (Low E, Argon filled) and glazing. Installation of solar hot water systems and electric solar arrays. SOLAR POWER Brycon is very knowledgeable and experienced in renewable energy technologies. We can design and install solar systems including pholotvoltaic, solar panels and solar cells, creating affordable energy products. Brycon can implement both grid-tied systems and off-grid systems. Brycon completed a Design-Build, 24-kW solar array for the Hopi Assisted Living Facility;completely self-performed. Also, we partnered on a 140-kW solar array for the Acoma-Cañoncito-Laguna Hospital at Acoma Pueblo, NM. LEAN CONSTRUCTION Brycon practices Lean Construction Principles to manage and improve our construction process with a focus on meeting our customer needs. Eliminating waste, focusing on value, and continuous process improvement drive all of Brycon's activities. We employ the following practices to deliver excellent construction products: Clear communication of construction process Training, teamwork, multi-skilling Daily progress reporting and improvement meetings Well-engaged and trained, flexible and fully engaged workforce Brycon works diligently to improve the flow of work by defining production and utilizing BIM, innovation in assembly and materials, supporting subcontractors and continually evaluating opportunities for improvement processes.